饼干 are small pieces of data that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a 网站 or application.


我们为新萄新京十大正规网站提供一系列的网站和服务, 客户和其他网络用户, 它们以不同的方式使用cookie,例如:

  • 交付您所选择的服务.
  • 记住你的信息,这样你就不用再给我们了.
  • 让你签到.
  • 帮助 us understand how people are using our services, so we can make them better.
  • 投放广告.
  • 帮助 us personalise your experience by remembering your preferences and settings.
  • 看看我们的邮件是否被读过,是否有用.

广告, 营销和分析cookie我们会征得您的同意, 但性能和功能cookie将始终被设置, 默认情况下, 因为这些支持网站使用和旅程.    

For more information about changing your cookie settings in your browser can be found at the AllAbout饼干 网站.



的se cookies are set by the 网站 you’re visiting, and only that 网站 can read them.


的se cookies are set by someone other than the owner of the 网站 you’re visiting. Some of our web pages may also contain content from other sites like YouTube or Flickr, 哪一个可能会设置自己的cookie. 也, 如果你分享一个链接, 您所共享的服务(例如, Facebook)可能会在您的浏览器上设置cookie. We have no control over third-party cookies – you can turn them off, but not through us.


  • 我们的电邮服务, 阿德斯特拉供应, 通知我们的新萄新京十大正规网站和联系人有关活动, 事件, 服务和产品. 对这些邮件的回应程度进行了跟踪, 为了提高我们沟通的有效性. 
  • 新萄新京十大正规网站.该公司使用Stream UK提供网络广播. 这些主要出现在 新萄新京十大正规网站.tv 网站,但也嵌入在其他地方的一些网页.
  • 的 电子信息 图书馆为新萄新京十大正规网站提供的服务. 有些页,特别是在E&T杂志, include content from Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and other services.
  • 的 AddThis social bookmarking and sharing widget which appears on some of our 网站s such as E&T杂志.
  • Olark and Response Tap for live chat and telephone call personalisation as is used on our Venues 网站s


的se cookies only last as long as your online session and disappear from your computer or device when you close your browser.


的se cookies stay on your computer or device after your browser has been closed and last for a time specified in the cookie.

We use persistent cookies when we need to know who you are for more than one browsing session. 例如, we use them to remember your preferences for the next time you visit.


这些cookie让您可以使用网站的所有不同部分. 没有他们,你所要求的服务就无法提供.


  • 当你登录网站的时候
  • 记住影响访问某些内容的安全设置
  • Collecting information on which web pages visitors go to most often so we can improve our online services.


的se help us personalise your experience by remembering your preferences and settings.


  • Remembering your choice of favourite content and help you do things like commenting on a blog
  • Remembering if you visited the 网站 before so that messages for new visitors are not displayed to you
  • 记住网站上的设置,如颜色、字体大小和布局.


的se cookies are used by us or third-party service providers to analyse how our sites are used and how they are performing. 例如, we use cookies to know which country you are in when you request a service to help base the contents on your location. We also use some cookies from Google Analytics and Hotjar to obtain web analytics and intelligence about our site.

的se tools use programming code to collect information about your interaction with our site, 例如您访问的页面, 您点击的链接以及您在我们网站上停留的时间. 这些工具不存储任何个人身份信息.


Some of our 网站s use marketing and advertising cookies to help personalise content, tailor and measure the delivery and effectiveness of adverts and provide a safer experience. 的se cookies may also be able to track your browsing across different sites. 


Some of our 网站s use advertising cookies to show you specially targeted adverts. 的se cookies may also be able to track your browsing across different sites. 



你可以 查看我们在这里使用的cookie的列表.


我们可能会收集和分析有关您设备的数据(e).g. 您的IP地址和cookie id)以及您对我们服务的使用(例如.g. 你读过什么文章?.

在某些情况下, our digital teams will use technology provided by Hotjar to collect data on user’s behaviour and their devices. 

To tailor and deliver advertising to you we may collect data from you across our online services. This data helps us to predict what might interest you and to show you adverts tailored to those interests. This is commonly known as Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) or interest-based advertising. Not all the advertising we show is tailored based on your data and your interests. 我们也可能根据您正在观看的内容定制我们的广告, contextual advertising; for example, 如果你正在阅读一篇文章,那么我们可能会向你展示相关的广告.


Your browsing activity may be tracked across different 网站s and different devices or apps. 如果您没有登录到web服务, 我们可能会尝试在一台设备上匹配您的浏览活动, 比如你的笔记本电脑, 你在其他设备上的浏览活动, 比如你的智能手机, 这样我们就可以提高给你的广告的相关性.


We will obtain consent from you to use marketing, behavioural and analytical cookies.  当您第一次进入我们的网站时,我们将征得您的同意.  您可以随时更改您的偏好.

If you do choose to change your setting you may still see adverts on our 网站s, but they may be less relevant to you as they will not be tailored to your interests.


你可以 prevent your browsing from being tracked generally by adjusting your browser settings, 以“私人模式”浏览或使用浏览器附加组件.

你可以 find out how to do this by visiting the relevant support page for your browser, 或使用浏览器上的帮助功能:


你可以 also opt-out from targeted advertising on this 网站 and more generally across the internet using the opt-out tools of ad industry bodies, 包括:

  • 欧洲互动数字广告联盟(EDAA)
  • 数字广告联盟(DAA)
  • 网络广告倡议(NAI)


If you are accessing our services through the web browser on your mobile device, 你应该按照上面的说明去做.

However, mobile applications use different technologies to recognise your device.

To opt out of your app usage data being used to target advertising within apps you should follow the instructions below.

  • Apple iOS(请访问Apple支持页面获取更多信息)
    1. 进入设置 > 隐私 > Advertising
    2. 打开限制广告跟踪 
  • Google Android(请访问Google支持页面获取更多信息)
    1. 进入设置
    2. 在Accounts部分选择Google
    3. 在隐私部分选择广告
  • 选择退出基于兴趣的广告
    Microsoft Windows (请 visit the Microsoft support page for more information)
    1. 进入设置
    2. 点击隐私
    3. Tap on Advertising ID, and turn off ‘Let apps use my advertising ID for experiences across apps’


有些网站使用网络信标之类的东西, 清晰的gif, page tags and web bugs to understand how people are using them and to target advertising to them.

的y usually take the form of a small, transparent image that is embedded in a web page or email. 他们使用cookie并捕获数据,比如你的IP地址, 当您浏览网页或电子邮件时, 你用的是什么设备,你在哪里. 


联络资料保障主任 如果你想了解更多信息.